Top Benefits of 24 Hour Care

Are you looking for care for your elderly, handicapped, or ill loved one? If so, one of the best options is 24 Hour Care. You can also check  for more information. This can provide several benefits including the following ones:

1. Independence

More specifically, one key benefit of 24 Hour Care is the patient won’t lose any independence since they can do what they usually do at home instead of being restricted by hospitalization, for example. It can be tough for them to live in a place they’re not used to and with people they don’t know.

On the other hand, if the patients can stay at home they can enjoy the comfort and familiarity of living at home. This is a place they’re used to and possibly lived in for several decades. Seniors in particular often don’t handle restricted lifestyles very well.

The reason is they want to have more independence. Receiving home care provides that benefit. They can keep living their everyday lives, but not have to deal with the rules and regulations of a nursing home or hospital.

2. Recovery

If the person receiving 24 Hour Care has recently experienced a major sickness or surgery, then they can often recover faster at home instead of at an institution like a hospital. The problem is that staying in a hospital to recover can be traumatic for the patient. Meanwhile, recovering at home can often speed up the process because they’re in a comfy environment they’re used to. This can help to speed up the healing process and reduce the risk of re-hospitalization. This type of care can also help to reduce the number of doctor visits that are required.

3. Affordability

Even though 24/7 home care is around the clock it can actually be more affordable than other options. On average it costs about 85% of a senior’s income. Compare that to nursing homes costing about 245% of the seniors’ average income. That’s almost 3x as high as home care.

4. Safer

This might be a surprising one. You might be surprised that over one-fifth of hospital patients acquire some sort of infection. However, there’s virtually no risk of infection when the patient is at home. This is definitely a plus as infections can be tougher for senior patients due to a lower immune system.

Another safety in the case of 24 Hour Care is the caregiver can provide 1:1 care. As a result the patient is receiving individualized care around-the-clock. This is helpful in preventing the chance of accidents happening.

5. Quality

It’s also possible for a patient to receive better overall care due to 24 Hour Care. There are various reasons, but one of the main ones is that the patient can receive customized care that meets their particular needs. The caregiver is providing care for one person instead of several. This allows them to focus on providing high-quality care for the one patient. This can provide a much better experience and in turn help the patient to feel more comfortable and recover faster when necessary.