Indigestion or Heartburn?

A lot of us have in the situation where we’ve eaten too much or eaten something that doesn’t agree with our stomachs. Usually the normal reaction is to complain of either indigestion or of heartburn. But studies indicate that a lot of people out there don’t know the difference between these two medical conditions, some even think they’re one and the same. Sure you can say that it hardly matters, because none of the conditions really have the potential to be fatal or even to put someone in serious jeopardy. But truth is, there can be a lot of different conditions leading to either heartburn or indigestion, and if you go to your doctor complaining of modafinil buy  one when in fact you’re suffering from the other, you may be misdiagnosed.

It’s therefore important to look at a rundown of the common symptoms of each conditions. Indigestion symptoms are characterized by a feeling of unnatural fullness, which can be best described as bloating. There will be some discomfort around the stomach area, sometimes even escalating to pain. The abdomen often becomes rigid and the pressure on your stomach will make you nauseous and you’ll burp frequently. This condition will, in some cases, lead to vomiting.

On the other hand, heartburn feels like the name itself indicates: a burning sensation around the chest area, which may extend to the throat and neck. Sometimes there is also pain involved, in which case you should consider seeing a doctor, particularly if it happens often.

But this debate on the differences of heartburn symptoms vs indigestion symptoms stops when it comes to what steps you can take to prevent both conditions. Eating slowly, chewing your food well to avoid swallowing large chunks of it and moderating the amount of food you take at each meal are the main steps to prevent both indigestion and heartburn. You should also try to avoid eating spicy, salty and fatty foods in large doses, as they’re a major cause for both conditions. Keeping away from coffee and sweetened drinks, as well as carbonated drinks, will also help you with the problem. And of course, heavy drinking and smoking are also bad for heartburn and indigestion, but they’re pretty much bad for anything.

If you suffer from indigestion or heartburn frequently it’s important to remember never to do any sort of straining physical exercise while digesting, as it will only aggravate the condition. Slow walks are the ideal form of helping your body process food well.

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